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November 5th, 2011

At least, sleeping-in is what I hope you’re all doing on this daylight-savings weekend…that extra hour only comes ’round once a year, after all! I’m so excited for a weekend spent enjoying the suddenly-crisp fall weather: pulling on my boots for a long walk in the neighborhood, trying out this new recipe for spice cake with candied ginger (link below) and curling up by the fire for some blogging…or maybe just getting lost in a great book. (Just downloaded Blue Nights by Joan Didion…what are all of you reading right now?) Hope the weekend is full of fun, and enjoy a few of my fave links from the week! xo

Pantone-inspired place cards.

A touching testament of love and deliciousness.

Makes me want to start packing for somewhere…anywhere!

The new Matchbook Mag is not to be missed. (catch me on page 40!)

Do you worry too much? A “grand” tip from Joanna.

Meg stopped by with her can’t-live-without items.

It’s a party. In a box.

Spice cake + candied ginger = a heavenly pairing.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote on which DIY you’d love to see Claire craft next!

*image via here.

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5 Comments under :: Weekend Notes
  1. christin says:

    That egg on quinoa looks amazing. Joanna’s tip about worrying is great. Let’s see if I can put it into practice!

  2. Leslie says:

    I really needed that “grand” tip… thank you for sharing all of these awesome links 🙂 Happy saturday!

  3. Wow, that looks so yummy! The weather here is perfect this weekend and I’m really in the Fall spirit now that we can pull off cooler weather clothing :). Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Btw, I noticed you have what looks like Bougainvilla and I adore it. Does it freeze in the winter here? We are doing our landscape plan and am wondering if I can add it.

    • Camille Styles says:

      Unfortunately, yes…our beloved bougainvillea are probably at the end of their life for this year. A lot of people take theirs in for the winter and I’ve heard they do great. But we may just let our go to the very end and start it up again next year. I love it too!

  4. Thank’s for this post. Dat’s fantastic!!

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