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Our Team’s Resolutions

January 2nd, 2015

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Our team resolutions post from last year was a huge hit, with both our readers and us. What we found is that through defining and openly sharing our goals with each other, we became more accountable to see them through. (We also took inspiration from each others’ resolutions, and added a few more ideas to our individual goals.) We’re back again this January with a new set of resolutions for 2015. This year our team wants to travel, cook, put our devices down and get in the moment… what personal goals would you like to add to our collective list?

We wanna know...

What will you accomplish in 2015?

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  1. Love these resolutions! My goals for 2015 are to become a morning person, get back into yoga, and to enjoy cooking and plan my meals better.

    I wish everyone much success with their resolutions!

  2. Ella says:

    These (as well as last year’s) are wonderful resolutions. I’m choosing to stop procrastinating when work needs to be done, learn to network better, learn how to use my DSLR better (beyond video!), and DIY more things/make more art projects. Thank you for sharing these inspirations – best of luck to everyone!

  3. I was looking for some motivation/inspiration and this is the best I could’ve find. My resolutions for this year are: spending more time with my family, do more yoga, keep discovering my cooking skills, put 60% of my money into a saving account, learn italian and make small trips with my boyfriend wherever the wind takes us.

  4. Maya says:

    Julia, I share a resolution with you; I also plan to make meditation a huge part of my life this year! I received a year’s membership to Headspace as a Xmas present, and I LOVE IT! Cheers to a great year and a mindful new us!!

  5. Charlotte says:

    I love all these resolutions, but the ‘go camping’ from Molly really inspired me! Being out in the natural world refreshes and recharges me like nothing else. I resolve to open my eyes to the beauty of nature in 1015.

  6. Lula Belle says:

    Some of these resolutions really resonate with me especially using my cook books more, taking more weekends away, reading more often, only doing one thing at a time. Also I’m going to regain a better life balance that provides time for me.

  7. I’m also trying to work on my spiritual life and am so happy to see I am not only! It’s really important to me, yet seems to be one of the first things I put off. I would love to make it more of an intentional focus of mine. I also want to find ways to give back more charitably and meaningfully. Big goals for 2015 and beyond! Best wishes for the new year : )

  8. The ballet post really inspired me also, especially as a former competitive gymnast! I’m going to sign up when I return to school in a couple weeks. I, too, have plans to recharge my spiritual life and reallocate more time on that front than the Instagram/Facebook feed one.

    Overall, my goal is to face fears with excitement and less stress. I’ve found that life becomes stagnant when you stay in your comfort zone. In 2015, I want to live outside of it more while still honoring my sense of self.

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