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Hong Kong

September 17th, 2014

To say that Deana Saukam and Paul Qui are well-traveled and well-fed would be an understatement. In just the time we’ve been corresponding about this specific story, the couple has been to Hong Kong, Seattle, Vancouver, Alaska, Copenhagen, New York and Portland, and since the duo owns and operates some of Austin’s most renowned restaurants (East Side King and qui), they know where to seek out the very best cuisine in each locale. So when we caught wind of their trip to Hong Kong, we had to get on board. Totally exotic to us, we knew we could count on Paul and Deana to show us all the amazing sites and restaurants the city has to offer, and with famed photographer Bonjwing Lee in tow, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Take it away, Deana!

We visited Hong Kong for culinary and cultural exploration. Paul and I had never been before and were super excited to travel to a new city on the other side of the world, and since it was also both of our birthdays, we had a lot to celebrate. We stayed in the Intercontinental Hong Kong, a 5 star hotel with one of the best views of the Hong Kong’s electric skyline and overlooking Victoria Harbour. The hotel is also home to three Michelin-starred restaurants, so we knew we had come to the right place!

Our itinerary included lots of eating and shopping. We made sure to check out modern restaurants in Hong Kong as well as more traditional cuisine, and when we weren’t eating, we made sure to hit up the miles upon miles of shopping. Planning to travel to Hong Kong? Pack an empty suitcase for all of the things you’ll bring back with you…

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  1. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Really fun story. Great images. It looks like such a vibrant and energetic city… I totally want a night out in Hong Kong now!

  2. wow what fantastic images! we’re traveling to asia for the first time in february {thailand} and i absolutely cannot wait. and yes, hong kong is definitely on my travel bucket list!

  3. Lydia says:

    Hong Kong was on my bucket list when I moved out to Asia a few years ago! And I stayed here ever since!

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