How do we love Lauren Smith Ford? Let us count the ways… As a prop and wardrobe stylist, the editor and creative director of Tribeza (Austin’s arts and culture mag), and a dear friend of ours, adding “stylish mama” to her list of talents was just a drop in the bucket for Lauren. Since becoming a mother to sweet Ellie earlier this summer (remember her magnifique french-themed baby shower?) Lauren still maintains her woman-on-the-go lifestyle, only now with the added accessories that come with having a baby — of course, they’re über stylish accessories, at that! Keep reading for the items Lauren (and Ellie!) don’t leave home without…

{1}  Marc Jacobs bag. Marc Jacobs has always been my favorite designer, so his line of diaper bags was the first I looked into for my search. I usually love color, but since I’ll be carrying this bag everywhere, a neutral was a more versatile option. I love all the pockets, but the fact that you can throw it in the washing machine might be the best feature of all!

{2} Jack & Lily pink fringe boots. A perfect fit for when Ellie is feeling a little boho chic, but more importantly has cold toes.

{3} Itzy Ritzy wet bag. Slip any wet item in to this lined zip sack and easily transport it without dampening everything else in your bag.

{4} Haba nana clutch toy. This line of wooden toys hails from Germany, and Ellie is always enthralled by the bright colors.

{5} Glass beverage bottle by Life Factory. With so many things to juggle in my new life as a mama, forgetting to stay hydrated is easy to do. That’s why I always try to keep this bottle with me wherever we go.

{6} Old school children’s books. I love finding vintage books full of beautiful illustrations and sweet messages, like this one from 1965 called Nancy Plays Nurse, which is particularly special since Ellie’s ‘Nana’ (my mama) who she adores is a Nurse named Nancy!

{7} iPhone. I could take pictures like these all day and the Camera+ app has many fun editing options to play with. Turning on Pandora’s Lullaby channel also soothes Ellie on car trips, and I love to browse the daily deals on

{8} Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion. This deliciously scented lotion helps Ellie’s dry and sensitive skin stay hydrated through the sweltering summer.

{9} Dwell Studio graphic knit blanket. I can’t get enough of all things Dwell Studio. This cozy blanket is similar to the wallpaper pattern that covers one wall of Ellie’s nursery. Even on hot days, our indoor outings can be cool enough for one more layer.

{10} Dwell Studio bib and burp set. Another Dwell Studio favorite where style meets function, making a necessity like a burp pad a bit more fun!

{11} Lili Gaufrette Loiseau faux fur pea coat and hat. We never leave home without a change of clothes and hot summer days make us long for winter. It might not ever be cold enough to pack one of these in Texas, but if that day comes, Ellie would be bundled up in this chic set.

layouts by Jennifer Rose Smith

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