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By Chanel Dror

In My Diaper Bag with Natalie Schwartz | Camille Styles

Any mama who has the foresight to pack a pair of oversized children’s sunnies in her diaper bag gets a gold star in my book. And since Natalie Schwartz is the founder of Chic Child, I expected nothing less! From “anything wipe-able” to “anything plant-based”, Natalie’s got all the right ideas of must-have baby products. Keep reading for more, plus links to her favorite items…

As important as any purse or bag you will invest in, the diaper bag is an invaluable part of your daily routine as a mother.  I pride myself on always being (or attempting to be) totally prepared — so the right bag, and knowing what key items to fill it with is somewhat of an art form. With a daughter just over 2 and twins on the way, this fall my diaper bag will be overflowing with toddler products, plus those always-necessary baby accoutrements (times two!)…

{1} Nylon Prada Bag. I am of the mindset that just because you are using it to carry items for your children, it can still be chic and functional.  There are so many beautiful bags to choose from, but the bag I have been carrying for the last 2 year is actually a studded leather  travel bag I purchased years ago in the men’s department at Barneys.  I like the thinking out of the box with diaper bags, so this way you can actually continue to use it as a carry-all or travel bag when you aren’t using it for the daily baby routine.  I do have my eye on this simple nylon Prada bag to buy for when my twins arrive

{2} Skip Hop Deluxe changing pad. Since I don’t currently use a conventional diaper bag, this changing pad is a necessary add-on.  Plus, these tend to get dirty or left behind, so always good to have a few extras at home.

{3} Bottega Veneta sunglasses for me…

{4} …and Sons + Daughters sunglasses for Sloane. They are pricey, but hold up incredibly well and are just like her mamas!

{5} Plum Organics. I always have some form of squeezable fruit/veggie for my daughter.

{6} Better Basics Hand Sanitizer. I prefer to use plant-based products when possible and this is my favorite

{7}. Rickshaw Design diaper pouches. I am a sucker for anything block-print, so these Rikshaw Design diaper pouches were made for me. Sold in a set of 2, I use one to keep diapers + creams and the other for all of my various wipes and diaper sacks.

{8} Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes. Part of my ‘being prepared’ mentality means having the right wipes in my bag.  Some are for wiping down toys or surfaces, others for cleaning sticky faces and hands and even sunscreen wipes. These swipes are a convenient way to apply sunscreen top-to-bottom with no mess… genius!

{9} Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths. I have used these since Sloane was a baby — the scent is wonderful and I still use them for a quick on-the-go face clean-up.

{10} I am loving these Belly Bars for my pregnant self.

{11} Bib and Burbs set. I still travel with a bib as it doesn’t take up much room and keeps those outfits clean!

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