My Essentials :: Amy Atlas

By Chanel Dror

who + what: For many of you, Amy Atlas‘s talents need no introduction. As the original ‘sweets designer‘, Amy practically revolutionized the way we see desserts, and helped us say ‘buh bye‘ to the days of doilies (in the traditional sense, at least). We’ve been fans of Amy’s of years, so we’re thrilled that the event planner turned author is joining us today to share some of her must have style essentials…

{1} must-have kitchen gadget or tool: Kitchenaid mixer

{2} if you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? A black Louboutin pump. It’s classic, can be worn with anything and never goes out of style.

{3} favorite book: The Great Gatsby

{4} go-to snack food: organic raw cashews

{5} life mantra: never give up

{6} essential gadget: tape measure

{7} style or beauty icon: Carrie Bradshaw

{8} favorite fashion accessory: Balenciaga handbag

*images: mixer, shoes, book, cashews, mantra, tape measurer, carrie bradshaw, handbag