With fashion being so fickle, do you ever wish you could subscribe to a daily uniform that you wear each day? Today’s My Essentials trendsetter is a jeans-and-tee-shirt addict, and isn’t afraid to admit it! And it couldn’t be more fitting — Chloe Lonsdale is as classic as they come, and designer and founder at London-based denim brand, MiH Jeans (read the company’s super interesting story here). No joke, these jeans fit like a glove. As quite the basics-enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t wait to hear all about Chloe’s favorite things, and now that we have, we love her even more. Keep reading for her essentials…

Chloe’s personal style: Simple, uncomplicated and low key. I love blue and hate black and wear jeans and a shirt almost every day, but always have a killer pair of shoes or item of jewelry that can give me that edge should I need it!

{1}  Always in your purse: Passport in an old blue leather case, keys and a Moleskin Notebook. Without my notebook I can’t keep track of everything I need to do and Moleskin have got it spot on in size, paper quality and elastic band to finish. I can’t use anything else.

{2} If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? Converse All Star

{3} Favorite Book: Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

{4} Favorite accessory: A great watch. A classic Rolex, vintage Cartier or even just a simple modern Timex can all be great. 

{5} Most treasured possession: Old family photos can never be replaced, unlike almost everything else!

{6} Style or beauty icon: Jane Birkin & Lauren Hutton — bare faced, natural beauties with effortless style.

{7 & 8} Always in your closet: MiH blue jeans and white crew neck tees. This is my daily uniform, I’ve never worn anything but jeans and I always feel happiest in a fresh white tee or shirt however much I try to push myself… I now don’t fight it anymore!

{9} Favorite scent or candle: Red Roses by Jo Malone

layouts by Jennifer Rose Smith

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