We were lucky enough to meet filmmaker Christian Remde a few months ago and I think it’s safe to say we haven’t stopped talking about him since. We were working with Paul Qui (of Top Chef acclaim) to shoot an installment of our “Entertaining With” series when he asked if we’d like to create a short video to accompany our story. (Seriously? Um, yes, please! )“I know just the guy,” Paul said, and a few weeks later Christian sent over this fantastic short for us to preview. Needless to say, we were completely blown away by his gorgeous camera work and skillful editing. Paul and his charming fiance, Deana, completely came to life for our readers in Christian’s video. And it’s no surprise — this award-winning director has been honing his craft for over 15 years. His work has been seen on BravoTV.com, Food & Wine Magazine’s blog, and around the country at over 50 film festivals. We couldn’t wait to catch up with Christian, learn more about what he does and get the inside scoop on his cool behind-the-camera style:

How would you describe your personal style?
To me, dressing up means wearing a cardigan instead of a hoodie.

Must-have kitchen gadget or tool?
My wife Julie got me a (1.) bright yellow DeLonghi espresso maker when we moved into our house and I use it to make (2.) Cuvee espresso coffee (roasted here in Austin), which I’m obsessed with.

If you were a shoe… what shoe would you be?
(3.) Slip-on Converse. Easy and classic.

Favorite gadget?
I can’t live without my Canon 7D and (4.) 24-70mm L-series lens, it’s what I use on every photo and video shoot. I own two 7D bodies and my 2nd camera usually has the Tokina 11-16mm lens on it, which is (in my opinion) the best wide-angle zoom for photo or video work. Both lenses are f2.8, which means they’re great in low light and you can get some beautiful shallow depth of field.

Favorite fashion accessory?
A watch is about the only accessory I wear. My favorite is a (5.) Timex watch from J. Crew and the (6.) various watch straps I can switch out with it.

Always in your closet?
(7.) Hoodies, lots and lots of hoodies. My favorite hoodie is probably one I got at GAP about 10 years ago. It’s old, worn, has a couple of holes in it and the most comfortable thing I own.  I named it “Big Blue”.

Favorite book?
(8.) Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is something I read again and again. They’re so dense and beautifully written that I catch something new each time I read them.

Favorite scent or candle?
(9.) Jean Baptiste 1717 hand soap, (10.) Feu de Bois candles from Diptyque, and (11.) Molton Brown’s Black Pepper cologne

Style icon?
I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren’s clothing since I was a baby. His menswear is comfortable and stylish without being overdone and it fits me well. Julie knows a RL gift will always make me happy, like for my 40th birthday, she got me a (12.) RL leather dopp kit for when I’m travelling for my film work.

Favorite beverage?
The Old Fashioned at Contigo

Favorite summer activity?
Swimming, especially at Barton Springs. The only thing missing is a swim up bar.

Life mantra?
Treat others the way you would want to be treated.


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