who + what: Amy Moss, graphic designer turned stylist, and the creator of lifestyle blog, Eat Drink Chic. Based in Australia (jealous?), Amy’s site is oozing with color, creativity and humor to boot, and is one of our favorite destinations on the web to soak up daily entertaining inspiration. In one word, Amy describes her personal style as ‘eclectic‘, so we were just dying to take a peak at some of her must-have items…

what Amy can’t live without:

{1} wardrobe staple: I always have a pair of sparkly or metallic flats handy… such an easy way to jazz up an outfit.

{2} go-to beverage: I try to stay away from sugary/alcoholic drinks, so I ‘treat’ myself to Antipodes sparkling water, with a slice of lime.

{3}  favorite book: The Great Gatsby

{4} guilty pleasure: pink iced donut from Donut King

{5} must-have gadget: Canon EOS 7D SLR camera

{6} always in her purse: Smashbox Posy Pink Lipstick

{7} favorite accessory: nail polish. Seeing my nails dressed in a bright hues instantly cheers me up. image

{8} most treasured possession: My various collections of bottles, jars, bowls, tumblers, teacups, teapots, etc.

Thanks for stopping by to share your essentials, Amy! And if you haven’t checked out the inspiration hub that is Eat Drink Chic, head on over and prepare to be blown away.

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