who + what: Ez Pudewa (pronounced Ee-zee), author of lifestyle blog Creature Comforts where she celebrates life’s tiniest and most beautiful details. We’ve been following Ez for years, tuning in daily for gorgeous photos, mouthwatering recipes, must-try DIY’s, and my personal favorite daily color inspiration. She’s super sweet, so we were extra excited to chat with her about her must-have items (I’ve already added numbers 1, 2 & 7 to my shopping list!)

what Ez can’t live without:

{1} must-have accessory: it’s a tie between my arrow bangle from Odette NY and my Fossil watch

{2} always in her purse: lip balm – I really dislike dry lips

{3} favorite gadget: my Nikon D300 is my second child

{4} closet staple: my stack of go-to cardigans. image source

{5} good luck charm: my dog Stellaluna. Whenever she’s around. it’s a good day!

{6} most treasured possession in her home: my daughter’s artwork and childhood film photographs

{7} go-to snack food: talenti gelato

{8} favorite book: Memoirs of a Geisha

Thanks for stopping by to share your essentials, Ez! And if you haven’t checked out the inspiration destination that is Creature Comforts, head on over and prepare to become completely obsessed.

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