Happy September, friends! I hope this month is off to a great start for you all!  Has anyone been following what’s happening at Fashion Week in NYC? I have been working non-stop these last couple of weeks and I sadly ended up having to postpone my trip until October… so instead of fashion shows and late night runs to Momofuku with my favorite gals, I’ve been shopping and prepping like crazy for some really fun shoots. Not a bad alternative, when I think about it!

When it comes to shopping and prepping for a job, Rodeo Drive is home base.  It might be one of the most recognized symbols of Los Angeles, but as a stylist it’s your own personal office space. The biggest names in fashion from around the globe have a store front here — Lanvin, Prada, Fendi, Hermes, Chanel and so many fabulous others — so it makes shopping a breeze. You can spend an entire day and leave with a car full of clothes taken out on consignment, all without leaving the block!

This look is full of prepping day essentials. Comfortable wedges for being on my feet all day, a layering piece for those cool mornings that turn into sultry afternoons, and a big bag for water, snacks, and all of the paperwork I’ll undoubtably be accumulating along the way.

If you find yourself in LA, this little boulevard is definitely worth checking out!  Be sure to treat yourself to the chopped salad at La Scala and a cupcake from Sprinkles for dessert.

Get the look:

Dress, Anthropologie / Shirt, Gap (Similar)/ Bag, Topshop (This color is still available!) / Necklace, Anthropologie / Bracelet, Julie Vos

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Jen Pinkston