When I tell people that I’m a wardrobe stylist, a common reaction is, “Your job must be so fun!  Do you just go shopping all of the time?!” Oh how I wish the answer to that question was a whole hearted ‘Yes!‘ While there are really fun moments where I’m shopping in high-end designer boutiques or styling really talented people, the reality is that, just like any job, there are still plenty of mundane tasks. In the year since launching my freelance styling business, I have been forced to ask questions like “Should I hire more people?”,  “Is it better to be an S-Corp or an LLC?”, and “Am I pursuing the right types of clients?”

A couple of months ago, I started meeting for coffee with two gals who also run their own businesses. Krysta runs her own branding agency, and Jess is a photographer who, in between doing lots of fab other jobs, shoots some of this series for me. Through our meetings I’m learning that no job is 100% creative, 100% of the time.
Denise shot this particular look after one such meeting-of-the-female-business-owner-minds and I think it’s a nice representation of the mix between the creative and the professional. The funky mix of patterns and textures is stylish and fun but the conservative silhouette and tortoise spectacles create an overall look that says, “I mean business!”
The whole t-shirt-tucked-into-a-skirt look is one that I really love, because its flattering and highlights your natural waist, but also because it’s effortless and polished all at the same time. Lately I’ve found that, while an abundance of accessories are fun for the weekend and going out in the evening, they can prove distracting in professional meetings. I try to pick one accessory and let it stand alone.  In this case it was the two hammered silver bracelets that I bought last summer from a market in Thailand.
Another reason that this look works right now is how easily it can transition with the temperature.  I can lose the blazer or the tights at any time if things start to really heat up!
Eventually, as my business expands, I might hire out some of my present logistical responsibilities, but in the meantime I am learning to embrace my business minded hat in order to grow my creative business.  Any of you small business owners out there have tips for managing the business side of things?  Two apps that have recently revolutionized my life are Invoice To Go and Jot Not Pro.  I’d love to know what your go-to outfits are for important meetings, too!
Skirt, Maje // Tee, Maje (Similar) // Blazer, Zara (Similar) // Tights, Wolford // Shoes, Nine West // Bracelets, From Thailand (Similar) // Glasses, Tortoise & Blonde

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Jen Pinkston