Did anyone watch the VMAs this weekend? Even more than scoping out the red carpet looks, I love to see what the artists wear to perform. I loved the whole concept of Katy Perry in the boxing ring and her back up dancers in stylized sweatshirts and sweatpants, complete with faux sweat, of course. And I thought Justin’s black and white look was so effortlessly cool and loved the way each of the N’SYNC band mates had different versions of the same black and white shirt concept — and let’s be honest, that little performance just made all of my teenage dreams come true again!

I have so much respect for the costume designers and stylists that work with these artists to essentially create these amazing pieces of performance art. Maybe not to the same conspicuous extent, but every person’s individual style does the same job of telling a story — a crisp collar tucked into a perfectly fitted pencil skirt says “I mean business,” while a sheer cotton maxi dress might say “Don’t bother me, I’m on vacation.”  I wore this mix of patterns and colors to visit the Getty Museum, just to push my own more minimalist tendencies.

My favorite thing about the Getty is that the museum itself is as much a work of art as the masterpieces that it houses.  There are so many strong lines and textures at play, as well as the softness of all of the lush plants and flowers that are speckled throughout. This look is similar in the sense that it has a lot of straight lines and metal hardware mixed with the softness of the floral patterns and ruffled peplum.

If style is art, then there are no hard and fast rules. It’s okay to push your own comfort level every once in awhile and try something new. How else would our personal style continue to evolve?

Get the look!

Top, Zara / Pants, Gap / Bag, Purchase in Italy / Shoes, Anthropologie / Necklace, Realia by Jen

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Jen Pinkston