When I first started assisting stylists, I began to wonder why I even had an apartment. It seemed between all of the pick-ups and drop-offs and showroom appointments that I was living out of my car! Fast forward to present day and not a whole lot has changed. While there are still plenty of appointments, meetings, and shopping trips, my favorite days are those spent at home in my studio office.

If I’m working from home, it usually means I am prepping a big shoot or have just finished one. It is so important that everything stays organized down to the last detail. For one, there are usually really expensive samples that need to be sent back in the same condition in which they were sent. It also makes putting looks together so much easier when everything is in plain site. I have more organizational containers than I care to admit… the container store is my happy place!

The best part about my office is that I can close the door and really buckle down on the project hand, whether that is emailing designers for samples, working on my latest project for The Effortless Chic, or catching up on my reading. If it has been a busy month, I will have a stack of WWDs waiting for me on my desk. When I’m done working, I close the door and do my best to forget that work is so nearby.  I make dinner and do laundry and try not to stay constantly connected.

My inspiration board is a mix of images that inspire me, and pictures or notes that encourage me.  I never take anything down, I just continue to pin on top of the old. Can you imagine how fun it will be to peel back the layers in five years?

This is a typical look that I will wear when working from home. My Current/Elliott jeans are in constant rotation and this vintage silk top (similar here and here) is easy and effortless. The sparkly earrings are By Boe, one of my current favorite jewelry lines! I always work barefoot when I’m at home, but have a big selection of heels that I can grab if I need to run out of the house (these ones are Coach from last Spring). This is the sort of look that usually evolves as the day goes on. If I am running out to an appointment I will add a blazer or if I am meeting the girls for drinks I can grab my leather jacket.  I found this necklace at Target and fell immediately in love. It reminds me of Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton.  It’s my personal homage to him!

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Jen Pinkston