Pretty Simple :: Blow Out 101

By Martha Lynn

Blow Dry 101 by Martha Lynn Kale | Photos by Cory Ryan for Camille Styles

As a stylist and salon owner, I face pleading clients on a daily basis who are desperate to achieve salon-softness hair on their own. To their surprise, my response is always ‘me too!’… The way I recommend clients blow dry their hair at home is totally different than the way we stylists do it in the salon. Sure, you could divide your hair into a million little sections and blow it out with a round brush, piece-by-piece, but most people don’t have that kind of time (or flexibility).  So today I’m sharing my tried and true home blow-out method, with a few special tips that’ll leave you with swoon-worthy hair every day.

  1. First things first. Before you get out the clips and brushes, make sure you have prepped your hair with some kind of styling product. I always need a little volume spray on the roots and frizz control on the ends.  Then power dry your hair to 90% dry! This is important super important… most of the magic happens after hair’s dry, so don’t waste your time tugging and pulling at your soaking wet hair. Then start with the TOP of your head. Leave out the top 1/3 of your hair and clip the bottom 2/3 out of the way.  This lets you work in front of you and your arms wont get as tired.  I like to use a paddle brush because I can cover more ground. The round brush will come later.
  2. Make sure the dryer nozzle and your brush are married together and move in unison. Most people make the mistake of holding the dryer in one place blasting air all over while brushing, but this can cause hot spots and damage, and you wont have the control you need.
  3. Now let down another 1/3 of your hair (now you have 2/3 down and in front with 1/3 still clipped up) and repeat step 2. Once this section is dry let down all of your hair and finish, keeping blow dryer and brush working together to get it all smooth!
  4. Once all of your hair is dry you can flip back over and do some finishing with the round brush.  I usually wet the front to finalize my bangs at this point. The farther you over-direct the brush by pulling it forward and rolling it back on itself, the more volume you will create! Use the round brush to touch up the ends.
  5. To finish, use a small amount of serum or finishing cream and twist your hair to smooth the ends. Release and voila!