Two weeks ago, I shared a Rolled Chignon tutorial that’s great for medium-length hair… well, today’s ‘do goes out to all my Rapunzel’s out there! I’ve been spotting lots of braids out and about this summer, and with the triple-digit heat in Austin, I had to give the trend a try. Claire’s long hair is perfect for this Heidi-esque braided crown, and I love the way her dimensional color really pops in braids. Scroll down for the step-by-step, and give this look a try next time you need to keep cool in style!

  1. Split hair into two sections. I like to leave the hair in it’s natural part in front, and then part the hair down the middle in back to ensure the braids are the same thickness.
  2.  Smoothing fly aways as you go, braid the hair and finish with a clear rubber band.
  3. Grabbing a small piece of hair out of the “tail”.
  4. Hold the rubber band and carefully slide the hair onto itself to gently tousle the braid and give it more texture.
  5. Wrap the braid around the head and secure with bobby pins.
  6. Repeat on the other side, tucking in the ends of the braid under each other. Spray all over.

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Martha Lynn