Pretty Simple :: Classic Side Ponytail

By Martha Lynn


In case you’re just now joining us, welcome to the second installment of Pretty Simple. Since Martha Lynn kicked off the column last week, we’ve been thrilled to see that so many of you are just as excited as we are to be getting insider access to the latest on-trend beauty techniques. Now that we’ve got teasing covered (have you all been practicing?), we thought a classic side ponytail would be the perfect lesson to follow with… it’s super simple, and perfect for day or night. Follow the jump for photos by Cory Ryan that demonstrate exactly how to put the look together yourself, and be sure to let us know in the comments what hair or makeup tricks you’d love to see taught in the future!



  1. Tease around the crown (according to these instructions) to create volume. Then separate one back section and two front sections by parting at the ear, as pictured.
  2. Pull back section into a low side ponytail, keeping it below the ear to avoid an 80’s do. tip: always pull your ponytail to the side of your part that has more hair – that way you’re not fighting against the natural direction of your hair.
  3. Fasten ponytail with an elastic.
  4. Pull back larger front section.
  5. Wrap around elastic and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with smaller front section and spray all over.
  6. For an alternate look, fold ponytail underneath to create a low bun, and secure with large bobby pins.

*layouts by Jennifer Rose Smith