Pretty Simple :: Faux Bob

By Chanel Dror

Faux Bob Tutorial | Camille Styles

To my long-haired ladies out there: how often to you get that impulsive urge to just chop it all offI’ve gotten (and scratched) the itch twice, and following both incidents I spent the next two years kicking myself as my hair slowly inched its way back to its original length. That said, today Martha Lynn brings us a chic hairdo that also happens to be my new best friend: the faux bob. And they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Keep reading to learn how to give yourself the temporary chop, and I’d love to know if this is a look you’d try on yourself.

Faux Bob Tutorial | Camille Styles

  1. Begin with curled hair (the more hair, the better!) Collect a triangular section of hair at the nape of your neck. Tease and wrap into a messy bun, then secure with bobby pins. This will act as the “nest” that you’ll pin the rest of your hair too.
  2. Clip crown layer of hair out of the way and grab a section of hair above the bun.
  3. Tease hair section and loosely tuck the end of the hair under the “nest” to create the shape of a bob. Secure with bobby pins and spray.
  4. Repeat going around the head, continuing to anchor longer strands into the bottom of the bun and pinning.
  5. Once the middle layer of hair is all pinned, let down the crown layer of hair and repeat, tucking and pinning the very ends into the bun. Leave tendrils of hair long in the front, and touch up curls as needed. Spray.