I must say, ever since we kicked off our new beauty series with Martha Lynn, we’ve all been arriving to work increasingly dolled up each week as we test out her latest tips. Have y’all been enjoying? We were thrilled to see that so many of you gave last week’s braided chignon a go, and today’s tutorial, while simple, packs a big punch for the girl-on-the-go. For those times when we’re in a hurry to get out of the house, Martha Lynn shares the makeup basics that transform us from bedhead to bombshell. Captured by Cory Ryan, we’ve got the five products you’ll need to nail this five minute face!

1. Apply Concealer Choose a concealer that blends well with your skin and contains moisturizer so it won’t crease under the eye or in eyelids. Apply several dots under the eyes and blend with a concealer brush or sponge.

2. Apply Powder Use a large brush to sweep powder all over your face to set your makeup and create a shine-free, even finish.

3. Apply Blush Use a soft blush brush to sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks. We chose a peachy shade (we had some left over from this look), but any color will add a major pick-me-up to your complexion.

4. Apply Mascara Starting at the base of your eyelashes, gently wiggle the mascara wand upwards. Repeat.

5. Apply Lipgloss Complete the look with a coat of sheer, pink or peachy gloss.

Get the look!

Our toolbox: powder, blush, concealer, mascara, lipgloss

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Cory Ryan

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