Pretty Simple :: In the Red

By Martha Lynn
Red Lip Tutorial | Camille Styles

There isn’t anything more glamorous than a perfect set of red lips. When done right, a rouge pucker can glam up your look from daytime to evening and create a show stopping smile. If you’re like me (Martha Lynn), the countless products out there can be totally overwhelming, and fear of looking like a clown can keep you from taking the plunge. Fear no more, ladies… here is how to pick the perfect shade for you and apply it just right. Before you know it, you’ll be stopping traffic with your kisser!

Step 1:  Know your skin tone.  If you look good in gold jewelry you are probably warm and if you look good in silver your are probably cool.

Step 2:  Pick your shade. If you are cool toned then go with something with a blue base like Ruby Woo by MAC, and for warm tones choose an orange based color like Lady Danger by MAC.

Step 3:  Powder your lips – this will give you a neutral starting point and give your liner something to grab onto.

Step 4:  With a very sharp liner, line your lips in small strokes. Start from the top points of your lip to the outer corners, then line the bow of your lip, etc. The smaller the “line” you are drawing, the smoother the result. This will also prevent bleeding. We used MAC Lip Pencil in Brick.

Step 5:  Fill lips in with liner. This will give your lip color the ultimate in staying power.

Step 6:  Apply lipstick. If you want to be super precise use a lip brush. We used MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red.

Step 7:  Place a dot of gloss in the center of the bottom lip so they don’t look too matte. We used Mirror Mirror gloss in Brilliant.

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Cory Ryan