We don’t often think of knotting our hair when styling, but I’ve been using the technique to create simple-yet-intricate hairdos for years. I’m always on the hunt for hair styles that can be put together in a few easy steps, but when complete, make everyday hair look and feel a little more special. In this knotted side braid, I tied a few strategic knots into Claire’s gorgeous blond locks to achieve a style that’s interesting and also has some serious staying power… if you can tie your shoes, chances are you can recreate this look! Keep reading for the step-by-step (photographed by Kate Stafford), and don’t be afraid to experiment with knotting! I’m already dying to try a half-up version of this look, or braiding it straight down the back…

  1. Apply a smoothing serum (I love Living Proof Satin) to keep fly aways at bay. Gather hair on the side of your head and part into two even sections.
  2. Keeping the hair neat, tie the two sections into a knot as pictured.
  3. Grab the two tail ends of the knotted sections, and knot again as pictured.
  4. Knot a third time, and continue knotting if you have the length. Secure at the bottom with a clear rubber band. Once braid is tied off, carefully tug on the knots to loosen and create a more tousled look. Spray all over.

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Martha Lynn