There’s no denying that matte lips are everywhere this fall. Martha Lynn here, and this is one of my personal favorite trends of the moment, especially when done in dramatic wine and berry shades for a dressed up evening look. Rather than heading out to the department store to purchase a matte version of your favorite lipstick shade, we tried out this technique to do it ourselves. We chose to use a softer shade that would work with virtually any outfit, plus this color is perfect for taking the matte lip for a test drive. Best of all, this trick will instantly double your lipstick collection, as each shimmery shade you own can now double as a matte version of itself! Click through for the step-by-step…

  1. Matte lips aren’t very forgiving, so you don’t want them to look dry. Prep your pucker by exfoliating with a toothbrush or lip scrub, then moisturize with lip balm (I love Rosebud Salveand blot off excess.
  2. Apply your favorite shade of lipstick.
  3. This shade has a gorgeous shimmer, but we want to mix things up…
  4. Pull apart a two-ply tissue, and cover lips with one ply.
  5. Dust loose powder over the tissue. The single ply tissue will allow the powder to go through onto lips.
  6. Use your finger to dust a small amount of powder on top of lips to remove any existing shimmer.

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Martha Lynn