Pretty Simple :: Neat & Tidy

By Martha Lynn
Moving into a new home with all new drawers and cabinets has me (Martha Lynn) on the hunt for creative ways to store all of my beauty supplies. In my experience, the more organized all of your fun tools are, the more likely you will use all of them! Find the space to put your products away where they’re easily accessible and you’ll thank yourself each time you set foot into your uncluttered bathroom. I absolutely love using something unexpected for storage containers, and if it’s functional and pretty like so many of these ideas, that’s an added bonus! From space savers to just-plain-genius, here are a few ideas I am thinking about trying for myself. What are your favorite ways to store all of your beauty goods?

Stack cake stands or make your own out of pretty plates and candlesticks for a display all of your prettiest makeup. image.

This genius idea allows you to utilize your wall space so you can see all your makeup without digging around in a drawer. Just attach small magnets to the back of your makeup containers and they’ll stick to a metal sheet. image.

Attach plastic organizational containers to the inside of your cabinet door to make the most of otherwise unused cabinet real estate. image.

I could have created an entire post just on pretty containers for storing brushes… use small wide ones for lipsticks, glosses and mascaras, and taller ones for brushes.  Fill them with beads or coffee beans to hold brushes in place and tie in with your decor. I love these jarsimage.

These drawer liners come in all colors and keep your newly organized makeup from sliding around in your drawer. image

It happens every day: I get my hair perfectly in place, but then can’t find a bobby pin anywhere to finish the look. A magnetic strip in the drawer would solve the problem! image.

Drill holes in various sizes into a wooden block for brushes or curling irons — this would require a bit more work than the others but could be totally customized to your needs! image.

Get creative with office and desk organizers and use them for your makeup. image.

roundup by Martha Lynn Kale