If you’re like me, your makeup bag is filled with a combination of both high-end beauty products (I couldn’t live without my Urban Decay Naked palette) and drug store favorites. I love knowing that I can run to the grocery store for a quick pantry restock, and pick up half of my cosmetics while I’m there. Then again, with so many options, perusing the beauty aisles can get pretty overwhelming — so I love hearing about the products that my friends have  tested and grown to loveAnd when you’ve got beauty expert Martha Lynn as a friend, well… it’s worth taking notes. Click through for her picks of the best cosmetics you can get at a bargain, and I’d love to know some of your favorites!

Is is a lipstick?  A lip balm?  A lip stain?  Who knows! But it’s a perfect combo and feels so great on your lips! image
For long, thick, luxurious mascara this oldie but goody is amazing! I fell in love with this mascara in high school and have had trouble finding a better option. If you are looking for separation then Lancome Definicils is  a great option! image 
Did you know you can get Essie at the drugstore? You can! And “Ballet Slippers” is the most perfect neutral for nails. image 
I use these on almost every bride or any girl wanting her lashes to look super natural!  We used these on Laura for our lash post.  They are great for special occasions because lashes look amazing without having to layer on the mascara! image 
This little gem will do the job of about 20 bobby pins. Take your curled ponytail, scrunch it in your hand and twist to make a nest of hair. Twist in these two pins on each side and you’re good to go! image 
These are the perfect cotton swab that you can use to apply makeup, fix a mistake, or make the perfect smudge for a smokey eye. Every girl needs these in her makeup bag! image
I’ve always kept these in my makeup kit, but most recently fell in love with them when I had my c-section and was unable to get out of bed. The Pink Grapefruit scent is so refreshing, and it takes all your makeup off without having to use water.  I wouldn’t recommend this for a DAILY cleansing routine but it’s perfect in a pinch! image 
This is a super moisturizing firming lotion with a subtle self tanner that does it all AND doesn’t have a funny smell.  I have fair skin and use the medium, and it’s still not too dark to use every day. image

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale

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