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By Chanel Dror
Clip-In Extension Hair Tutorial | Camille Styles

Have any of you hopped on the clip-in extensions bandwagon? If this is your first time seeing them, you may be a teeny tiny bit jarred by the way these look, but ask anyone who’s given clip-in’s a try… they’re life-changers. Used to add length, thickness or both, it’s actually kind of amazing the difference they can make to your mane. And once you get the hang of how to put them in, it becomes second nature. We’ve had tons of people voice that they’d love to learn how to wear clip-in extensions properly (and how to pick out the right ones) so we turned to the all-knowing Martha Lynn for guidance. Click through for the tutorial, and prepare to have your world rocked!

I love the clip-in extensions by Remy. They come in a red package and can be found at Sally’s, and best of all, they come already cut (2 longer strips and 2 shorter strips) and already have lowlights.

Don’t get too caught up in matching the hair color exactly. As long as the shade is close enough, it’ll blend in with your hair and go unnoticed.

Section hair in preparation to clip in your first strip. Hold up a shorter strip to where it’s bottom lines up with the bottom of your natural hair. Create a part at the top of the clip-in strip, and tease the bottom section so that the clips have something to grab onto. 

Lay strip directly on the part.

Snap clips securely into the bottom hair section.

Work your way up the back of your head, spacing out sections every half-inch to an inch. Let the second strip you attach be the second short one, then repeat with the two longer sections. You don’t want to go too high with them, because then you run the risk of them showing.

The Remy’s extensions also come with single clip strands. These are great for filling out your hair on the sides. Create an angled section above the ear and insert single clip. Repeat a half-inch up and slightly back, then on the other side.

Once in, curl hair so that your natural hair and the extensions come together. 

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Cory Ryan