So, full disclosure: I (Martha Lynn) haven’t always babied my skin. But as each birthday comes and goes, I’m constantly reminded that our skin is one of our greatest and most-noticable features, and it’s way more cost-effective to take care of it now than pay to fix it down the road! Sometimes it feels like we spend our lifetimes finding and altering the perfect combination of products and routines to keep our skin supple and glowing, but here are a few of my favorites and the order I use them…

First thing’s first: seek help from a professional.  Whether you go to a dermatologist for severe symptoms or you go to an aesthetician for a facial, you will save yourself tons of money and stress having someone evaluate your skin and your specific needs.

1. Remove your eye makeup. This step really makes a difference if you want that extra clean feeling without having to wash 2-3 times. This product is cheap and does the trick!
2. Cleanse with a Clarisonic. If you don’t have a Clarisonic you’re doing your skin a huge disservice. It removes six times more makeup than manual cleansing and allows all those fancy skin products you have to actually do their jobs. The first time I used mine I was amazed at how clean my skin felt, and it is absolutely gentle enough for daily use because there are different brush heads for different skin types. It can be used with any face wash and right now I’m loving the Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser — I rotate through various Rhonda Allison face washes throughout the year but as fall approaches I absolutely live for the pumpkin scent, and the fact that my face loves it gives bonus points.
3. Exfoliate! You likely only need to exfoliate once or twice a week, but it’s important to slough off that dead skin and this product that I use has brightening properties (bonus!).
4. This is where the professional will come into play and help you pick a product that will “fix” something that needs fixing! This could be an anti-wrinkle cream, an acne serum, a skin toner, etc.
5. Moisturize! I recommend two moisturizers: one with SPF for daytime and one that is nourishing at night. This step is always the last in your skincare routine.

6. For a complexion that’s radiant and smooth as can be, give yourself the spa treatment at home with a weekly face mask. We love this one from Clarins.
7. Don’t forget your kisser! After I’m all done with my face I love to finish off with some amazing lip balm, and my current favorite is Rosebud Salve.  Your lips have never felt so soft and the smell is perfection.

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale

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