Are y’all ready to add some drop-dead-gorgeous skills to your beauty arsenal? Good, because today we’re launching a brand new weekly series on the blog called Pretty Simple, full of step-by-step instructions for mastering tricky hair techniques, trendy makeup looks and lots more. I’ve wanted to launch a beauty series on for a while, but knew that it required finding an expert who is super knowledgeable and can convey her techniques in an easy-to-grasp way for us “real” girls. It wasn’t until I recently attended a curl & blowout class taught by my friend Martha Lynn that I had my lightbulb moment, and knew she’d be perfect. Lucky for us, Martha Lynn accepted the task at hand, and I can’t wait to soak up all her expertise over the coming months. When talking over what technique would be best for our very first Pretty Simple post, she smartly decided to start with one that’s foundational to most of the hairstyles she does: Teasing. Now, I know what you’re envisioning: us Texas girls with big hair that’s teased and sprayed within an inch of its life! But what’s so cool about this technique is that you can go big, or you can use it to add subtle volume that flatters almost any style. Keep reading, because Martha Lynn’s going to show us the tools you need and exactly how to make it happen. Our very own Jess is modeling today, with photos by Cory Ryan

  1. At the end of your part, separate a 1 inch section of hair.
  2. Starting half-way up the length of the hair (not just at the root!), tease downward repeatedly using a teasing brush. Don’t be afraid to over-tease, as you can lessen the volume when you smooth. Spray section.
  3. Working backwards, separate and tease a second and third section of hair, and spray each section.
  4. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth out the teased hair. You can also use the tail of your teasing brush to fluff and give shape. Spray again.
  5. On left side of your part, separate a 1 inch section of hair, then tease and spray. Then tease and spray a second and third section working down the side of your head. Repeat on the right side of your part.
  6. Smooth teased hair on the sides of your part, fluff and spray.

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Martha Lynn