Did any of you have a go-to hairstyle growing up? In almost every childhood photo of me, my hair is done one of two ways: either in a fountain-like ponytail on the very top of my head, or a neatly pulled back half-ponytail (thanks, mom!) Nowadays I’m not the biggest fan of the half-up-half-down look, but I do still love to have my hair out of my face… especially as a means of damage control while growing out my bangs. In today’s installment of Pretty Simple, Martha Lynn shares a quick and subtle way to keep hair out of the way, while looking neat and romantic. Keep reading for the piece-of-cake instructions to achieving this waterfall twist updo…

  1. On one side of your part, separate two small sections at the front of your head.
  2. Twist the front section over the back section.
  3. Drop the front section behind the back section. The piece you’re still holding is your new “front section”
  4. Moving toward the back of your head, pick up a third section. This is your new “back section.” Repeat steps 1-3 by twisting the front section over the back section, and dropping it behind.
  5. Continue moving back and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side of your head.
  6. Loosely tie ends in a knot and secure with bobby pins. Spray all over.

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