I’ve given fake eyelashes a try or two, but after a few good pokes in the eye I came to the realization that I probably wasn’t putting them on properly. When the idea is for them to look naturally glamorous, I kept winding up with results that were far from seamless — and after speaking to a handful of friends I found that I wasn’t the only one struggling with faux lashes. Since this is one technique that can make a big impact, we figured that a few simple steps from Martha Lynn were in order to up our makeup game and finally nail down the art of the application. Click through for the instructions!

1. Start by applying mascara to your lashes. Then measure false lashes along your eyelid. If it’s too long, trim to size by snipping excess length off the inside of the lash (the shorter end).

2. Carefully squeeze glue onto eye lash in a super thin layer. Let it dry for 30 to 40 seconds until it becomes tacky.

3. Tilt head back and gently place fake eyelash onto your lash line.

4. Use a liquid liner to go over where the glue is, and fill in any gaps between the fake eye lashes and the lash line.

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Cory Ryan

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Martha Lynn