Am I the only one getting serious urges to change up my look? It must be an annual thing, because this time last year I was feeling the same temptations, and wound up with some less-than-fabulous bangs (let’s just say, they’re not for me). Since recently going in for a trim and Kerastase treatment with Martha Lynn, I’ve been thinking that I really need to up my hair game, but wasn’t exactly sure how. A quick chat with our all-knowing beauty expert left me enlightened — though some are more of a commitment than others, there are so many options out there for making minor hair tweaks that make a major impact? Click through for a few of Martha Lynn’s favorites, and we’d love to know which you’d consider for the fall!

Cut Bangs:  Whether you want to go über edgy or soft and swept to the side, this is a great way to completely change your look without loosing any length.  And the great news is that with all the cute headbands and braid styles out there, they are super easy to grow out in a stylish way! image

Add lowlights:  Summer is rough on blondes. Between chlorine in the pool and the harsh rays, it’s easy for blonde hair to get washed out.  Fall is the perfect time to add warmth and depth to blonde hair while still keeping it light! image

Go Ombre’:  Ombre’ means “shadow”, and is a fun and on-trend way to mix it up dark hair.  It’s subtle and requires barely any upkeep! image

Chop it off:  The “Lob” (or long bob) is my current favorite cut.  It still allows for a ponytail and fun curls but takes off some length and looks current.  Ask for a collarbone skimming, slightly A-lined cut with subtle layers! image 

Master the Pretty Pony:  This isn’t your gym ponytail. But instead, something that looks a little more dressed up and is great for “Day 2” hair! image

Change your part:  The more dramatic the better!  Try a deep side part or go straight down the middle for a totally different look without committing to something permanent. image

Go natural:  Sick of all of those styling tools? Why not just let your hair air dry and play up its natural texture? Ask your stylist about the best products to keep it from looking like you just rolled out of bed. image

Go sleek:  If you take the time to get your hair super healthy, shiny and smooth it will last for days. You can’t beat the feel of silky smooth hair, plus it looks so sophisticated! image

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale

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