Ana here with your monthly dose of Pulling it Off, and today I’m excited to feature one of my favorite trends: denim on denim! My friend Charlotte was the perfect model for this shoot. Her effortless sense of style went perfectly with the laid back nature of this 1970’s inspired look, and my talented pal Wynn caught it all with these gorgeous photographs. A perfect sunny day in one of my favorite Austin neighborhoods made this shoot as easy-breezy as the look we’re pulling off. Ready?

Because this look is so on-trend right now, it’s easy to find great pieces to make it work, but there are still a few guidelines to getting it right. Break up the denim with a great leather belt, jewelry and accessories. These pretty, long necklaces that Charlotte makes add an interesting texture to the look and keep it from being too monochromatic. Mix up denim washes and colors and have fun with it.

A bare midriff is not for the faint-of-heart, but I love it when a girl can pull it off.  To me this is the perfect look for SXSW, as it’s a little rock-and-roll with just the faintest hint of fashion rebellion—rules were meant for breaking, right?

I love a chambray shirt with a bit of pattern on it and Wynn captured the detail with this shot perfectly — this is another good way to keep the look from being too one-note. As always, look for cuts that flatter, great details like hemlines, buttons and pockets, and roll up those sleeves and cuffs to keep it casual.

I’ve outlined two looks here that I love equally: one, a seventies-inspired ensemble featuring those perfect Chloe jeans with the braided denim (swoon), and another more modern look with a denim t-shirt, cigarette cut jeans and the perfect shoes for the tapered cut of those pants. Seriously, spot on and so dreamy. I always recommend wearing a heel with any flared jeans and a stacked wooden heel is my favorite for this outfit.

I also want to emphasize how important it is to find the denim that works for you. We all have different bodies: wide shoulders, wide hips, long torsos, short legs, etc. No one is perfect, but with a little work, you can find the perfect denim for you! So try on a bunch of pairs until you find what works. I’ve found the brands that work best for me are Gap’s 1969 line (especially the legging skimmers) and almost anything from Madewell. You don’t have to pay a lot for a pair of jeans that looks great on you and flatters your body. Find your favorite and most flattering style, fit, brand and size and work it!

*images: Left Column: Chambray Shirt | DenimHeels  Right Column: Shirt (shot by Marko MacPherson, styled by Starr McCaleb for Vogue) | Denim | Heels

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