Hello and happy Friday! Ana here, back this month with one of my very favorite trends: jumpsuits and rompers.

Ah yes, the adult one piece. It’s potential is as great as it’s risk: if the fit, color and cut isn’t exactly right, things can look and feel awkward… but fear not! Thanks to photographer Kelly Rucker and my lovely model Alice, I’ve outline two potential looks for this timeless trend that are gonna have you ready to slip into one in no time. Here’s everything you need to know about pulling off this month’s look!

Firstly, what’s the difference between a jumpsuit and a romper? A jumpsuit has long pants on the bottom whereas a romper has shorts. I love jumpsuits year-round (just layer a sweater underneath when you get cold!) while rompers remain more of a warm-weather frock.

Unless they’re patterned, I like layers under jumpsuits to break up the monotony, otherwise it’s a lot of one material and one color. This chambray piece looks great without a t-shirt underneath and heels but the striped tee makes it feel more daytime friendly and fun — less va-va-voom, which we wanted since our shooting location was the awesome and very kid-friendly Peter Pan Mini Golf on Barton Springs Road.

If you get a jumpsuit with flared legs (my favorite!) make sure the length of the legs is a good fit on you, otherwise they will look like highwaters. They should hit somewhere between your ankle and and just above the floor—no higher! If they drag on the ground, pair them with heels. A great jumpsuit + heels = fashion perfection.

For the second look, we paired a sleeveless hot pink romper with two-toned flats and shimmery straw belt. I love this shot of Alice with the dinosaur!

You’ll notice that both pieces have belts with them—pretty important in the land of adult one pieces. A belt keeps this look from appearing too childish and is another great way to break up the color.

So: would you ever wear a jumpsuit or romper? Love it? Not into it? I’m all ears! And if there’s something you love that I missed in the shopping guide below, let me know and I’ll fill you in. Special thanks again to Kelly and Alice and happy one-piecing to you! —Ana

Shopping Guide: The chambray jumper shown above is from a past season, but the pink romper is available here! Color choices might be different than the one pictured. Here are a few of my other favorites from around the web:   Pretty Blue Romper (looks amazing on + it’s on sale), Swallow Print Jumpsuit, Parrot Print Romper

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