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a capsule wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe

By / February 25th

Earlier this month, I was chatting with my hair stylist and we began talking about the idea of the capsule wardrobe.  I’m sure you’ve seen people posting about it as …read more

cozy sweater

Weekend Daze

By / February 13th

The term TGIF has never felt more poignant than it has the past few weeks.  Aaron has been traveling a ton for the show and I have been styling back to back shoots …read more

California Dreaming

By / January 30th

I have become such a California girl when it comes to cold weather.  There is definitely an argument to be made for experiencing all four seasons, but I don’t hate …read more

effortless chic

Wearing Many Hats

By / January 15th

With the second week of January coming to a close, I think it’s finally time to put away our “Happy New Year!” greetings and come to terms with the fact …read more

Holiday Party Attire

By / November 20th

Thanksgiving is still a week away and yet the holiday invites have already begun piling up on my desk.  Have you started planning your holiday outfits?  Dress them up or …read more

Dressed-Up Sweatpant

By / November 7th

It’s no secret that these last two months of the year are jam-packed with events, engagements, and errand-running galore.  I often talk about the need for looks that can play …read more

embellished navy dress on the streets of new york

New York, I Love You

By / October 9th

Do you have a spirit place? The concept had never occurred to me before reading this post, but after a little consideration I knew without a doubt that my spirt …read more