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The Wool Coat

By / February 19th

There’s probably no better place to make a wardrobe investment than in a great wool coat. Considering it’s an item many of us wear every day through the winter, the cost-per-wear …read more

The Perfect Black Jeans, MIH

The Black Jeans

By / January 8th

Especially as I hit my late twenties, and now thirty, my focus has shifted towards building a classic wardrobe of pieces that I love, that I can wear for years, and that …read more

The Ankle Bootie

By / October 30th

Okay, brace yourselves because I am about to drop a doozy of announcement on all of you: I’ve never before owned a pair of ankle booties. I know!!! You should …read more

The Silk Button-Down

By / October 7th

Today marks the inaugural post in our new series called “The Essential Pieces,” which is a bit of a milestone for Camille Styles as our first ever style series that stars…moi! I’ve got …read more