Camille Styles

More Monochromatic Monday

Dark Moody Inspiration Board

Dark Paths

By / October 31st

Before Chanel’s wedding, Michael and I spent a few days in Munich and took a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen. I’m so glad we did — it ended up being …read more

fall inspiration board

It’s Fall, Y’all!

By / September 26th

With temperatures still in the 90s here in Austin, it’s hard to believe that it’s officially fall. But here in the office we’ve been itching for the seasons to change for …read more

Chanel Dror's wedding inspiration

Organic Romance

By / August 22nd

It feels like every couple days I’m asked what my “wedding colors” are, and each time, I offer the same underwhelming answer: “I… don’t really have any?” Sure, there’ll be plenty of white and …read more

All White Mood Board

Washed Out

By / July 25th

When I was fresh out of school and working in advertising one of my mentors asked me, “Do you know what dates a logo more than anything else?” “Um…. the …read more

inspired by a sleepy beach town

Texas Beach Town

By / July 18th

The motive for today’s inspiration board is a purely selfish one. My bachelorette party is coming up in a couple shorts weeks and it’s just about all I can think …read more

Beach Tones Inspiration Board

Back to the Beach

By / June 27th

“There’s not much better than a baby on a beach, is there?” It was one of those honest observations you make when you’re entirely comfortable with your significant other. We …read more

inspired by watermelon

Ready for Summer

By / May 16th

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it a little premature for watermelon?” Well if you’d just tasted the sweet, juicy melon we brought home from the grocery store …read more

Pretty Surfing Inspiration Board

Seek the Surf

By / May 9th

When I was seventeen, I headed west with my parents to tour California schools. The UCLA and Pepperdine campuses were beautiful, but the biggest takeaway of the trip was catching …read more