We’re finally getting to put our costuming, crafting and recipes to good use! Whether you’re spending the evening passing out candy to disguised trick-or-treaters or hosting a wickedly gorgeous fête like this one by Cassandra, hope you all have a fun & freakish Halloween!

My Life, Styled :: Very Vintage

The first time I (Jen) walked into Decades on Melrose, I was literally speechless. I was picking up a vintage Birkin that a client was purchasing from Cameron, the owner of Decades and the largest collector of Hermes in the world.  When I walked in, I was greeted by glass cases of vintage jewelry sandwiched between stacks of […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Pumpkin Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu purists may want to stop reading… this cake is a very loose riff on the classic, bringing pumpkin, cinnamon and almond flavors into the mix with more traditional mascarpone & liqueur. Of course, one bite and any protests will fade away as you sink blissfully into the cozy, creamy indulgence of this ultimate fall […]

Round Up :: Best of Halloween

After weeks of non-stop party planning, pumpkin decorating and costume prep, we’re so excited that the scariest night of the year is just a day away.  Since we’ve been in full-on Halloween mode, we thought we’d share a round-up of our favorite spooky treats, creepy crafts and wickedly gorgeous table designs… figured it couldn’t hurt […]

Monochromatic Monday :: Haunted Mansion

Though I’m keeping the Halloween revelry somewhat toned down this year, I still get a kick out of having the daylights scared out of me. I have vivid childhood memories of visiting mortifying haunted houses, and The Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror still remain two of my favorite rides at Disney World to date. So […]

10 Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Can you all believe we’re already talking about Thanksgiving again? It seems crazy, but fall foliage and abundant food & drinks are practically upon us, and there’s nothing we’re more excited about than concepting the perfect Thanksgiving table — namely, coming up with a beautiful centerpiece to accompany the most important meal of the year. For […]

Entertaining With :: House of Brinson

I first met William and Susan Brinson last year when I was in NYC with Caitlin and Erin, and they hosted a little cocktail party for us at their loft in Manhattan. I remember thinking when I walked in that I hadn’t ever seen a home quite like it – a live/work space that’s a total […]

Pretty Simple :: Costume Makeup

Halloween is almost upon us and for me (Martha Lynn) that means trying out some fun over-the-top makeup you may be too timid to try on a regular day. Makeup can be the cherry on top of an amazing costume or, in some cases, can be the costume all on it’s own! Click through for […]

Manger with Mimi :: Pomegranate Meringues

I just love pomegranate season. The beautiful colours of this sweet and tangy fruit make me feel so festive. That’s why I love to dress the little ruby seeds with a big crimson red swirled meringue. Pomegranate goes so well with orange blossom water, so I teamed these two ingredients to make a delicious syrup. […]

DIY :: “The Birds” Shadow Puppets

Do you have any fun Halloween plans for this weekend or next week? Jenn here, looking forward to a few different costume parties… but I doubt any of them will be as much fun as our “The Birds”-themed Halloween party we shared last week! Due to the great response the post has received, today we’re […]

MADE Dinner Series :: Autumn Evening Brunch

Alexandra is back with her second installment of the MADE. Dinner Series. And though we could have sworn her first dinner would be impossible to beat, I dare say that today’s meal is an even more gorgeous display of all that autumn has to offer. The inspiration: A chance to enjoy the end of the […]

Monochromatic Monday :: Salt and Pepper

When we hear the word “neutral” most of us tend to think about solid colors — usually white or some variation of beige. Jenn here, happy to share with you my latest discovery: most black and white prints can serve as neutrals, too! Lately I’ve been pairing my favorite black and white striped tee with […]