In Season :: Swiss Chard & Egg Casserole

Jeanine here, with the recipe you’re going to want to make for your Easter brunch. I make a lot of veggie-packed frittatas and baked egg dishes, but this one is my newest obsession. The chard (that you don’t even have to precook) creates a light and flaky texture as it bakes in between thin layers […]

A Gorgeous Farm-to-Table Wedding

I love a potluck dinner party as much as the next girl, but would I ever consider it for my wedding? Most likely, no. Then again, if I happened to be a celebrated chef with a posse of fellow foodies and artisans for friends, I might be singing a different tune. Shannon Cook is a […]

Tastemakers :: Josephine House

For years, we’ve had tacos, barbeque and beer down in Austin. What was harder to find, though, was a touch of refined but casual elegance in our local food scene. Thankfully, Larry McGuire, Austin’s culinary boy wonder, has gotten it just right once again, articulating exactly what we wanted before we even knew quite what […]

10 Best Ways to Eat Eggs

Rise and shine! With the hustle and bustle of the workweek, I find that the weekend is the time when I’m really able to wake up slowly, conceptualize and create my favorite breakfast, and devour it alongside a piping hot cup of coffee. What does my ideal breakfast look like, you ask? There are two […]

The Perfect Bite :: Triple Chocolate Scones

Scones have always been something of a staple on my parents’ breakfast table. My mother likes to bake a batch, store them in the freezer, and take two out at a time to pop in the oven for a perfectly warm breakfast treat. So I thought I’d return the favor by gifting my mom with […]

Field Trip :: A Cheese Tasting Party

Remember back in September when we rounded up our 10 favorite cheese plates? Well our love for cheese is still going strong, and our commitment to our all-time favorite dish unfaltering. So when the owners of one of our favorite dining spots in town came knocking on our door with the idea to host a […]

In Season :: Shells & Brussels Sprouts

Jeanine here, and growing up, I was force-fed vegetables just as much as the next kid. Broccoli was at the top of my hate list, closely followed by mushy cooked carrots (which I still won’t eat to this day), but I never had to face brussels sprouts. My mom didn’t like them as a child, so she […]

Tastemakers :: Salt & Time

Remember when there were neighborhood butcher shops? Yeah, me neither. Back in the fabled past (when you could also get fresh milk delivered to your door every day), I’ve heard there were neighborhood shops where skilled artisans cut whole animals to order. These butchers knew the farmer who raised the animals, knew what their customers […]

Tuesday Tastings: Butternut Squash Strozzapreti

We eat loads of pasta at our house, and I’ve got to admit that I thought I’d tried just about every incarnation possible: linguine with sundried tomatoes & fresh mozzarella, pumpkin ravioli with brown butter, rigatoni with sausage and eggplant, spaghetti with roasted cauliflower & golden raisins, and orecchiette with sautéed kale are only a […]

The Perfect Bite :: Nutella Shortbread Sandwiches

I (Jess) am always on the hunt for a no-fail cookie, and this simple 5-ingredient recipe turns out perfectly flaky shortbread every time. Add in Nutella — which I daresay is as popular as Oprah — and you’ve got yourself a winner. To prep the dough, I gave my arms a workout with a pastry cutter […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Cumin-Roasted Carrot & Avocado Salad

Woke up to a sunny New York sky this morning, a morning of meetings ahead before hopping a plane back to Austin (and Phoebe… it’s going to be so hard not to wake her up with kisses tonight when I get home!) I haven’t been to the city in almost a year, so I’m trying […]

10 Best Avocado Recipes

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I very well may love avocados more than anyone else in the world. Not a day goes by that I don’t consume at least one, and just the thought of cutting into a perfectly ripe avocado makes my mouth water and heart skip a beat. I once thought […]