Camille Styles

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Diamond Mueller and Jonathan Terrell

The Poet and the Rebel

By / March 9th

Hairstylist Diamond Mueller and musician Jonathan Terrell have the kind of dynamic that hit country songs are made of. He’s the free-wheeling wildcard to her cool, no-nonsense personality. “She’s friggin’ tough,” says Jonathan …read more

Chef Taylor Chambers and Valerie Wolf

Valerie and Taylor

By / July 19th

We’re pretty sure there’s not a more enviable combination than that of chef and florist when it comes to couples with cool jobs. (Just think about what their date nights at home …read more

Daniela Velasco González and Adam Goldberg: This NYC couple runs two print publications together - so gorgeous!

Daniela and Adam

By / June 1st

Picking up a copy of Ambrosia feels like ordering dessert. The magazine (along with it’s sister publication Drift) is truly a collectible work of art — gorgeous travel photography and …read more

Keith Holmes and Jennifer Matos

Jennifer and Keith

By / March 17th

The first thing you’ll notice about Jennifer Matos and Keith Holmes II is that they make a drop dead gorgeous couple. Both professional fitness instructors at the lake shore YMCA …read more

how do you keep romance alive?

Liv and Reynold

By / January 21st

If you happened to catch our wellness makeover announcement earlier this month, then you already know we’re excited to approach 2016 with an overall focus on health and well-being. Taking …read more