10 Best Icy Summer Treats

By Chanel Dror

At the beginning of every summer, I (Chanel) challenge myself to take on a new hobby. Some of them don’t go so well – like vowing to master the guitar or learning sign language, while others go spectacularly – like my “vampire summer,” when I jumped on the True Blood/Twilight bandwagon full force. Now that June has arrived, I’ve been thinking about what this summer’s challenge will be… sewing was a top contender (though that came to an abrupt end once I got my finger caught in the sewing machine), and learning a new language crossed my mind too, but let’s be realistic. Finally it came to me: ice cream making! It’s quintessentially summery, seems relatively easy to master, and my friends and family will get to reap the rewards along with me. I’ve started compiling a database of the most mouthwatering recipes out there, and these 10 flavors are at the very top of my list to try out. I’d love to hear about any recipes that you’ve tested and loved, and also, do any of you have ice cream maker recommendations?

1. campari citrus sorbet

2. berry cheesecake ice cream

3. honey and toasted nutmeg ice cream

4. concord grape sorbet

5. cranberry pomegranate sorbet

6. blueberry coconut milk ice cream

7. lychee sorbet

8. watermelon sorbet

9. green apple sorbet

10. peanut butter honey ice cream