My body may be at my work desk today, but my mind is on a beach somewhere soaking up sun and saltwater. Chalk it up to the 87 degree weather we’ve been having in Austin and the wanderlust this moodboard gave me. This living room is adorned with found shells and gives me the laid back vibe that you could trail in the sand, and that would be ok. Whether you live near a beach or not, this style has a warm and inviting feel that you could relax in all year long. Keep reading to bring it home…

Rug — When I first saw this Kilim, I was delightfully surprised that it was from West Elm! I love that it comes in several shapes and sizes for every budget, from a full 8’x10′ down to a very accessible 2’x3′.

Leather Ottoman — Make your guests feel at home and free to put their feet up with an inviting ottoman. I imagine the leather would take on a soft worn patina and grow even more beautiful with time.

Brass Fan — Nothing is more relaxing than when your air conditioner is a fan blowing in sea breeze. Sans the sea breeze, this fan is still totally cool.

Antique Bust — The inspiration photo has interesting architecture that appears worn down with time, but if you’re working with a new space, an antique bust like this one can bring those features into a room. This one is a splurge but, I often see busts like this in antique shops.

Shell Bowl — Shells, coral and driftwood can add a much needed natural element to vignettes around the home.

Wood & Marble Side Table — I’m in love with white marble, but too much of it can be cold. A mix of materials (like this wooden tulip tabletop) can give your space the warmth and lived-in feel of our inspiration photo.

Straw Hat — Hats can be their own form of art when hung on a wall. A collection of 3 or 5 (odd numbers work best) will give you a unique gallery wall and also serve as storage for your wide brimmed beauties.

Mermaid Candle — Because who doesn’t secretly want to be a mermaid when they grow up?

Blanket — Beach homes are always stocked with extra beach towels and blankets that ready to pack into a tote at a moment’s notice.

*The inspiration photo is the home of Úrsula Mascaró, photographed by Pablo Zuloaga for Elle Spain.

  1. 1
    Lily | April 14, 2014 at 8:38 am

    I am totally drawn to beachy homes and spaces. Especially when I’m so eager for summer to arrive!!

    x Lily

  2. 2
    Jennifer Rose Smith | April 14, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Love this room. The textured walls, the built-in seats and that coffee table! Would LOVE to recreate this vibe in my own house. I need that brass ceiling mount fan.

    • Cristina Cleveland | April 17, 2014 at 10:45 am

      So do I, too bad white stone built-ins aren’t an beginner-friendly DIY!

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