Let’s begin with an ode to our senses. They’re amazing. At times (and when able), we can smell, taste, see, touch, and hear our way toward tranquility. A glimpse at an image, whiff of essential oil, or moment in a sound bath can relieve stress and transport us to a place of ease. The takeaway? When we treat our senses well, calm and relaxation is within our reach. This is so true in the context of interior design, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. By choosing calm bedroom colors, we can support our well-being and have better quality rest. So read on for some of most soothing—and beautiful—calm bedroom colors that ease the senses.

Feature image of Molly Madfis’ bedroom by Nicki Sebastian.

Image of Chanel Dror’s guest house by Molly Culver

What are the most soothing and calming bedroom colors?

The research speaks here. Over the last several decades, scientists have found cool colors pulled from nature—i.e., shades of blue and green and earthy grays—to evoke the greatest sense of ease. More recently, a British project dubbed The World’s Favourite Colour Project asked thousands of people across the world to link certain colors to how they made them feel. The prize for the most calming color was… blue. Specifically, navy blue. The color of the ocean and sky, blue is one of nature’s non-stimulating color that puts our mind and body at ease.

What are the most calming colors for sleep?

This is where it gets interesting. While blue reigns as the most calming hue of all, other shades that conjure images of sunsets and silvery lakes are also known to be excellent for inducing sleep. These include earthy greens, dusty soft yellows, light clay browns, soft oranges, and natural pinks. All of these calm colors are plucked from natural landscapes, which makes them ideal options for the bedroom. Green, especially, is known to diffuse anxiety and welcome harmony.

Image of Alex McCabe’s bedroom by Nikole Ramsay

Which colors are not calming?

This can elicit a personal answer—and that’s because color is personal. How you respond to a hue is akin to how you may love or loathe a perfume or a film. With that said, shades of red are known to be stimulating and fiery, thus invoking alertness and proving to be a better color for the living room or kitchen. Still, it’s important to choose the bedroom colors that ease your senses. One person’s calm bedroom colors can differ from another’s.

If you’re not sure what hues to start with, look to these 15 calm bedroom colors as inspiration.  

Light and Dark Blues

Reminiscent of the sky and ocean, light blues evoke feelings of serenity, ease, calmness, and trust.

Sherwin Williams ‘Dew Drop’

One glimpse of this dusty, silvery, light blue transports the mind to seaside Italy. Its lightness makes for an expansive option for smaller bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore ‘Light Blue’

Fun and whimsical, this is the blue of afternoon skies. It has a bit more depth than other light blues, making it a good choice for an otherwise minimal room.

Portola Paints & Glazes ‘Blue Heron’

A gorgeous lime wash, Blue Heron conjures vibes of the perfect pair of vintage jeans—which speaks of totally relaxation.

Clare ‘Goodnight Moon’

Moody, super rich, and mysterious. Goodnight Moon mirrors the night sky. Pair this with flax linen sheets and a cashmere throw.

Photo of Kim West’s bedroom by Molly Culver

Earthy Greens

You know that calm feeling when you walk on fresh grass? That’s what this color does in our homes. Green speaks of peacefulness, nature, and harmony.

Annie Sloan ‘Terre Verte’

With the earthy coolness from the green and the richness from the mild brown undertones, Terre Verte brings the most serene aspects of nature to the bedroom.

C2 Paints ‘Aspen’

If this green could speak, it would say: “We’re going forest bathing for the next two hours.”

Backdrop ‘Saturday on Sunday’

Is it blue? Is it green? The verdict says it’s a little of both, which makes this color universally calming for any wall it touches.

Light Pinks, Yellows, and Oranges

Think of the California desert on a late August evening. It’s a tapestry of terra cotta earth that kisses the gold sunset. These calm colors bring this into the bedroom.

Farrow and Ball ‘Pink Drab’

There’s a gravitas to Pink Drab that other pinks don’t have. Perhaps it’s the muted finish or that fact that it speaks to the desert. Whatever it is, this gorgeous pink is to be take seriously.

Backdrop ‘Pablo Honey’

It’s like golden honey met with an autumn sunrise. Albeit it is bright, and even enlivening, there’s still an ease and calmness to this sunny hue.

Farrow and Ball ‘Fake Tan’

This is—hands downs—terra cotta at its best. (And most relaxing.)

Image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s bedroom by Michelle Nash

Warm Whites

White is known to protest your aura. More so, it’s a hue that is always complementary, calming, and serene. Lean into warmer buttery whites for the bedroom to up the calming vibes.

Clare ‘Timeless’

Proof that not all whites are the same. Timeless is warm, creamy, and inviting. An endlessly calming neutral.

Annie Sloan ‘Old White’

As the creators of the ultimate chalk paints, Annie Sloan knows how to create a color that eases. This white evokes artistry with its hints of yellow and grey.

Backrop ‘Mood Lighting’

As its name suggests, Mood Lighting is more than a white, more than a yellow, and more than a neutral. It’s all three combined—with the calmest of calm vibes.

Cool and Calm Greys

The key to choosing the most serene, calm grey is to pick one with earthy and warm natural undertones.

Clare ‘Penthouse’

Equal parts white, gray, and beige, this simple and calming color evokes the early morning misty sky. It’s an instant decompressor for the senses.

Farrow and Ball ‘Dove Tale’

A closer look at this breezy grey reveals its lilac undertones, which makes this color somehow warm and cool at the same time.

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