Jasmine Love

By Camille Styles
Best Jasmine Products | Camille Styles

Best Jasmine Products | Camille StylesIt seems that every time I visit a new destination, I somehow fall head-over-heels for a certain scent that comes to represent the place in my memories. There were the rose gardens in Paris… the lavender in Tuscany… then the diffusers that smelled like sea salt and were placed in every corner of our hotel while honeymooning in Capri. My latest obsession is with jasmine flowers, which grew all over the gardens and walls of our hotel in St. Tropez earlier this summer. Their scent is at once sensual, delicate and feminine, and I find it completely intoxicating. I’ve been searching for ways to bring the fragrance home with me, and while I wait for our new jasmine vines to blossom in the backyard, I’ve found a few simple ways to get more immediate gratification. Here are my current favorites: Best Jasmine Products | Camille Styles

  1. diptyque jasmin candle
  2. le labo jasmine perfume oil
  3. jo malone white jasmine & mint
  4. black jasmine liquid marseille soap by compagnie de provence
  5. voluspa amaranth & jasmine

What scents do you associate with favorite places and memories?

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