While setting an elaborately designed dinner table is always a lot of fun, sometimes it’s just so much easier to entertain with disposables — and when it comes to casual summer entertaining, we can totally get away with it! We’ve always been huge fans of bamboo dinnerware because it allows us to serve dinner sans the post-meal dishwashing duties, but is also super modern and sturdy. So when our team headed out for a mid-day picnic a couple weeks ago, we were looking for a way to give our favorite bamboo plates a colorful boost, and as is often the case, a coat of spray paint was just the ticket. Keep reading to learn how to add this banded rim to your disposable dinnerware and instantly infuse your next backyard get-together with a pop of unexpected color.

  1. Turn paper plate upside down and center and center on top of bamboo plate. Place weight in center of paper plate.
  2. Spray exposed edges of bamboo plate and let dry.

*photos by Camille

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Chanel Dror