If I’m being completely honest, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that always sneaks up on me without warning… that is, of course, until I’m being pinched repeatedly as punishment for not wearing green. Well this year, I’m prepared! And so will be my friends be when I gift them these fun, whimsical lucky charm corsages. The inspiration for these came from my middle school days, when (ridiculously amazing) homecoming mums made an appearance once a year, and tiny girls walked the hallways wearing huge, spirited ribbon corsages for the sake of festivity and flaunting school colors. Now that they’re complete, I’m totally envisioning making all sorts of variations of this concept — colorful floral combinations for spring, a holiday version on Christmas, etc. It’s official, folks… we’re bringing the mum back! Keep reading for instructions…

  1. While ribbon is still on the spool, use hot glue gun to pleat ribbon around half of the card stock circle. Once half the circle is covered, fold the ribbon over as pictured to create a 8-12 inch tail, and cut.
  2. Repeat with second ribbon, as pictured.
  3. Cut additional ribbons to varying lengths, and use hot glue gun to attach to bottom of card stock circle.
  4. Cut faux flowers (we used green hydrangeas) off stems, and glue in a cluster to center of card stock circle.
  5. Cut faux greenery to 1-inch long sprigs, and attach to floral cluster but tucking and gluing under flowers.
  6. Cut a 12-16 inch long piece of fringe. Turn medallion over, and glue fringe piece to back of card stock circle as pictured.
  7. Use hot glue gun to attach brooch pin to back center of card stock circle.
  8. Allow to dry, clean off glue gun strings and enjoy!

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Chanel Dror