Ever since Paper Source opened in town, we’ve been spoiled rotten when it comes to our wrapping paper selection. If you haven’t visited one of their stores, they have entire walls covered in beautifully textured, colored and patterned sheets, and we’ll find just about any excuse to pick up a few to add to our collection. Combine that with our rolls of crepe paper and craft paper (plus the occasional piñata stick), and we suddenly faced a serious office storage predicament. So, we set out to find the perfect wrapping paper rack for our office space, and as it turns out, it was just one simple DIY away. Do you consider yourself a wrapping paper hoarder like us? Follow the jump for the easy instructions to creating this practical and quite pretty installation.

DIY Wall-Mounted Wrapping Paper Organizer

  • 8 ft piece of 1×2 lumber, cut in half (this can be done for you at any home improvement store)
  • 9 curtain rods
  • spray paint
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • drill
  • level
  • screws
  • wall anchor
  1. Spray paint 1×2 lumber pieces and let dry.
  2. Using the ruler and a pencil, mark every 5 inches down the length of the wooden pieces.
  3. Use drill to attach curtain rod hooks on pencil marks.
  4. Measure desired distance between both wooden pieces on the wall (we set ours about 3 ft apart), then level and secure to wall by drilling screws into anchors.
  5. Slide wrapping paper rolls onto rods, and place into rack.

*DIY adapted from Delightful Order, photos by Chris Perez

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Chanel Dror