You didn’t really think we’d tease you with this morning’s tres chic baby shower photos, and not share any of the DIY details, did you? With such a large group, we wanted to keep the favors small and simple (but still full of French flair), so we set up a candy favor display right by the front door. Just before heading out, guests picked off a tiny glassine bag filled with pink candy and tied off with a tag reading, petit sweets. The project was really simple to put together, and the perfect way to top off out a beautiful afternoon, so we thought we’d show you how we did it, after the jump!

  • 3-way foam board
  • 2 yards fabric
  • staple gun
  • glassine baggies
  • candy
  • printable round tags
  • small hole punch
  • twine
  • push pin
  1. Fold 3-sided foam board and use staple gun to secure sides down. Wrap fabric around board, and staple in place on back of board.
  2. Download round tag template. When printing, be sure to size to 100% and fit 9 copies per page. Then print onto card stock. Cut out circles and hand write or stamp message.
  3. Fill glassine bags with candy, seal, and hold tag against front of baggie. Punch two holes at top of bag and tag as pictured above, and thread twine through holes. Tie twine in back and trim excess.
  4. Use push pins to pin up bags, and display on a bar cart or easel where guests will see the treats before they leave!

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Chanel Dror