If you caught last week’s round up or our crafting party at Anthro, you know we’re all about a handmade holiday. I’ve had this particular project in mind for months, so I was super excited to finally get to create it, and then doubly excited when they turned out as well as they did. Why should reindeer get to have all the fun? We bought toy figurines of some of our favorite animals and gave them a Rudolph-inspired makeover, then used them as cake toppers on a store bought Buche de Noel. They also double as precious tabletop decor or mantle accessories, and with a little extra work could make adorable ornaments. Basically… we’re obsessed. Keep reading to find out how to make your own!

  • animal figurines (can be found at most craft stores)
  • hot glue gun
  • small twigs
  • white spray paint
  • red acrylic paint
  • red glitter

Break twigs into approximately 2-inch long pieces, then use hot glue to attach smaller twigs to the sides to create an antler shape. Once dry, use a dot of hot glue to attach to figurine’s head.

Spray paint white all over. Repeat with a second and third coat, and allow to dry.

Paint a red dot on animal’s nose, then while paint is still wet, dip animal’s nose into a pile of red glitter to fully coat. Allow to dry.

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Chanel Dror