Jenn here, with a little behind-the-scenes fun from the recent fiesta shoot we produced for Cooking Channel. Using re-purposed Mexican food cans and assorted succulents, we created these super affordable favors for guests to take home at the end of the night. If you’ve ever re-potted a cactus or succulent, you know it can be prickly business! But with the right tools, you can create these pint-sized favors for your next summer bash without getting a scratch. Keep reading for full instructions after the jump!

To get started you’ll need succulent plants, empty cans, a hand trowel, tongs and a small bag of cactus potting soil. We found small, colorful cans on the Mexican food aisle of our local grocery store.

Begin by filling an empty can with a 1-inch thick layer of cactus potting dirt.

Using the tongs, grasp the stalk of the plant at it’s thickest point. Gently rock the plant back and forth until the soil has loosened from the pot. Still using the tongs, pull the plant out of it’s container and place it into the can.

Hold the plant upright with the tongs and carefully fill in the can with more potting dirt by hand. Once the plant is secure, you can add decorative rocks on top of the dirt. We used white gravel rocks from Camille’s garden. The greater variety of plants and cans you are able to combine will make for a more dynamic table display. Inform your guests that these plants need lots of sun, very little water, and send them home with the cactus of their choice!

{Bottom image courtesy She-N-He Photography and Design for, all other images by Jennifer Rose Smith}


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