There are countless reasons why Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, but above all I love the emphasis on hand-made gifting. Nothing says romance quite like a blossoming bouquet, so when Anthropologie asked us to come up with a craft project that’d be perfect for February the 14th, we set our DIY sights on creating a handmade floral arrangement that’s just as special — but more long lasting — than your standard blooms. We had so much fun crafting away this past Sunday and can’t wait to share snapshots with you all from the day (check back Thursday!), but today we thought we’d share the tutorial for creating these fabulous pom pom bouquets for you to host your very own crafternoon party! Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions…

  1. scissors
  2. green felt
  3. assorted ribbon and twine
  4. white spray paint
  5. assorted color yarn
  6. found twigs
  7. hot glue gun

1. Wrap yarn around three fingers between 50-75 times. Use two fingers for a smaller pom and four fingers for a larger one, and the more time you wrap the yarn, the more plush your pom will be.

2. Cut yarn from spool, and cut a second piece of yarn that’s approximately 8 inches long.

3. Thread one end of 8-inch piece of yarn through middle finger and index finger. Pull other end of yarn piece up and over wrapped yarn.

4. Turn hand over and loosely tie the two ends of 8-inch piece of yarn, as pictured. This should cinch the wrapped yarn to create a bow-tie style shape.

5. Carefully slide wrapped yarn off your fingers. Pull tied yarn as tightly as possible and double knot.

6. Use scissors to cut all loops.

7. Fluff pom to create a ball shape and conceal tie.

8. Give the pom a hair cut. At this point I like to repeatedly roll the pom around in my hand, fluff it, and trim until I achieve a perfectly spherical shape.

9. Spray twigs with 3-5 coats and allow to dry.

10. Use hot glue gun to attach flower pom to top of twig.

11. Free-hand draw the shape of leaves onto a sheet of green felt and cut out.

12. Use hot glue to attach leaves to twigs.

Cut ribbon and twine and tie stems together. Slide on name tag & gift to a special someone!

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Chanel Dror