These days, spring’s arrival is heralded by countless things… bluebonnets, more hours of sunlight, SXSW, the list is endless. But as a child there was really just one way to be sure that summer was on its way: the appearance of Peeps at every turn! They hold such a weighted place in my memory bank that I knew I wanted to incorporate them into a DIY this year, and disregarding the Easter episode of Unwrapped, I thought I’d get imaginative with the concept. Why not bring the sugar-coated marshmallow favorites to life by concealing them in dyed eggs, and letting kids ‘hatch‘ them out? I can’t imagine a better way to pay homage to this childhood classic than by passing the penchant on to younger generations, and this project is super simple. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions, and I’d love to know whether Peeps are a mainstay in your springtime memories as well!

  1. Use the end of a knife to hammer a hole into the bottom of a died jumbo egg. Drain out egg contents (yuck!) and rinse with soap.
  2. Once egg dries entirely, carefully pick away eggshell to make hole approximately 1 inch across.
  3. Carefully insert peep into the egg.
  4. Cut a circle out of tissue paper in a matching color, then brush Mod Podge on outside of the eggshell around the hole. Place tissue paper circle over hole, and brush down with Mod Podge to smooth and adhere. Display in egg holders (and if you’re wondering where we got out pretty pastel-colored holders, they’re just standard white ones that we spray painted!)

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Chanel Dror